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“The argument about the existence of an ‘athletic gene’ has a long sordid history. It is grounded in white supremacist ideology rather than science and fact,” David Leonard, professor of Ethnic Studies at Washington State University and author of the recently published “After Artest: The NBA and the Assault on Blackness,” told

“In attributing athletic success to an “athletic gene,” in attributing excellence in certain sports, Michael Johnson and others obscure the dedication and hard work required to become a world-class athlete - the blood, sweat, and tears get washed away in an instant,” Leonard went on to say. “These baseless arguments, which in a way celebrates white supremacy and the history of slavery, further erases the social, cultural, and institutional context all of which play an important role in not only producing the next great sprinters but also the next great equestrian stars.”

David Leonard quoted in Documentary Argues Black Olympians Dominate Games Because They’re Well Bred Descendants of Slaves - COLORLINES (via jmjohnso)
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